Online existence is the most important factor for each and every company in today’s competitive world. Gone are those days when folks were purchasing any commodity or opting any services just by having a look over television ads and hoardings. Now everyone is updated with technology and search for your brand in search engine, or go with the result of search engine as it shows reviews, ratings, description and all those things which were not available at an online store. So if you are still using old branding ideas and worrying for revenue generation, then you are on the wrong track. Now just think for your online brand image and get ready to get high returns. To do this Seo Company in Bangalore can serve you with the best online branding solutions.

Do you want to know what a Seo company can do for you? Here is the list of tasks performed by a Seo analyst:

Seo comprises of multiple task which improve your website and its performance from either ends, onsite and offsite too. Below is the list of tasks included by the seo analyst for the improvement of online branding.

On page Seo:

On page seo deals with optimizing website with various attributes required by the search engine to crawl and index the pages. Some of the attributes on which seo company works are title tags, meta description, headings, URL structure, alt text for images, page loading speed, link juice, breadcrumbs and so on. Each of these elements plays an important and discrete role in website ranking. If any of the attributes are missed then it may affect your website greatly.

Off page Seo:

In Off page each and every task is done to increase domain authority of your website by getting links from various external websites. Several ways are opted by Seo analyst such as bookmarking, forum, quora, business listing, blogging, blog commenting and so on. With each link building task the main objective is build up domain authority.


Content plays an important role in both off page and on page SEO. The quality of content and its uniqueness can take you to the top ranking of search engine, but the only condition is information must be relevant along with the quality.

There are many more on page and off page tasks carried by a seo analyst to give amazing results. But each of the tasks of SEO is based on quality not quantity. Most of the folks think number of backlink can give hype to the website, but it is not true. The fact is number of backlinks in along with quality can only give you desired output.