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Business intelligence is a type of strategy which is used to gather, store, analyze, and present that data in a simple and useful manner, which helps the business owners to manage the business performance, and aims to help them to take a better business decisions.

Data Warehouse is a collection of data which will support the management’s decision-making process. A data warehouse is a centralized repository which helps to store the data from multiple sources and transforms that data into a depending tables which will help the business used to view data in multidimensional form and will be efficient for querying and analysis purpose.

The Data Warehouse is the Base for Business Intelligence and business analytics which helps the enterprises to improve their business operations and enhance their customer service more effectively. Data Warehouse provides access to multiple data sources and perform the data reconciliation.


At Dott Flick, we understand that Business Intelligence is a key strategic business Engineer in today’s global marketplace. Business intelligence is a technique that helps to transform the raw data into a useful business analysis purpose. Business intelligence strategies help to discover the unseen business trends which will improve the data-based business decision making. At Dott Flick we help you to make insightful business decisions and execute them perfectly. Dott Flick’s business intelligence services provide a base foundation which will help you take bold decisions in the favor and growth of the business.

At Dott Flick, we deliver you an end-to-end Business Intelligence Services from the requirements definition through development, deployment and post-implementation support. We choose all the appropriate tools to develop and implement the right solutions. Our Business Intelligence and Data warehousing services will help our clients to manage and transform their businesses through focused, cost-effective and high-quality of the business information solutions.

How will Dott Flick help you Grow your Business..?

We understand your Business and Implement a right business solution

We will create a conceptual architecture model to support the business requirements based on organizational needs and objectives

We analyze and transform your data from different data sources

We will First Give you a Data Quality Report with respect to your Historical Data to understand the Gaps in the business

We will suggest you a conceptual model which will help you to fill the business Gaps

We will maintain your Data in many layers to avoid Data Loss

We will normalize all the Data Tables for speeding up the process

We will suggest you to select the detailed solution design for your Data Warehouse

We will developed and implement your Database, data warehouse and data mart

We will provide Data integration, data cleansing, data transformation services

We will develop the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Report, and Dashboard

Our Reports will help you to predict the ROI’s

We will do Testing of every developed interface

We will provide End-user training and support

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