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BI & Data Warehouse Implementation

We design and implement end to end BI Solutions, from ETL Process, Data Warehouse Design with multiple layers and Development of Business Reports.

Our BI & Data Warehouse Implementation services include


Data Acquisition & Migration

Data Sources

Data Transformations


Data Cleanup

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Designing Data Warehouses Architecture

Meta Data Management

Data Warehouse Administration

Data Marts

BI Reporting

Executive Dashboards

Ad-hoc Reports & Web-based Report

Customized Reports

Business Challenges without BI

Inferior business performance

Deflection in customer and partner relationship

Inefficiency in business operations

BI & Data Warehouse Implementation

We design and implement end to end BI Solutions, from ETL Process, Data Warehouse Design with multiple layers and Development of Business Reports.


The Term Big Data itself describes the larger volume of data which can be normalize and denormalize structure. The data will be taken from day-to-day basis from businesses which will help the organizations to analyze the entire data and give them a better insights which will help the Business owners to make a strategic decisions

Big Data Can Handel Larger Volume of Data

Big Data will have more Velocity to speed up its processes

Big Data will accept data from Variety of data sources

Big Data can handle complex data


With Data Analytics, Dott Flick will support you with a team of Big data experts, who will created a wide set of practices ,check lists and help to organize approach for Big data implementation.

Why Big Data...?

The Importance of Big Data is not how much amount of data you have, and have taken the data from multiple sources to analyze. It is what the Organizations will do with the data will matter for the growth of the company.

Things to know about Big Data :-

1) Cost reductions

2) Time reductions

3) When you unite Big Data with High powered Analytics, to make smart decisions then you can accomplish some of the business related facts such as:

> Determining the root cause of failures, issues and defects in real time business

> Generating ROI Reports to know the point of sale based on profit and loss

> Giving Optimized solution for increasing the sales

> Help in Recalculating entire risk portfolios in minutes

> Help to Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects your organization


Big Data Analytics will help you to understand the interest of your customer’s behavior better

Big Data helps you to fine tune your marketing and sales activities towards your target audience

Big Data will help you to arrive at companies decisions based on their data rather than assumptions

Big Data will be able to enhance the capabilities of current ROI’s to a better sight by decision points

Why Dott Flick..!

In today’s generation organizations have So much data is available with them yet very few really know about, how to get the most value out of it.

Ask yourself: are you making the best business decisions today? If not then someone else will be. So it’s time for you to realize the goldmine of available data with you.

Dott Flick provides End-to-end process management solution with respect to data, analytics, insights visualization, decision support.

With the help of Dott Flick, your data will be utilized in a very useful way to the business in knowing the profit, loss and risks. We strive to help your business in creating a legacy of improved business performance, by gaining your confidence and trust.

We believe that clients need consultants who will help them to take a broader view of their data and help them to find opportunity in a world that’s as exciting as it is unpredictable and uncertain.

At Dott Flick we believe that the true value lies in embedding analytics deeply into your business processes at the point of where decisions are made by human beings.

The Key approaches are:

Identify Business: – It is important to identify the Business Objectives and map against data category

Identify Data Sources: – It is one the key point to start with big data in identifying various data sources. Data Sources could be Web site inputs, POS data, Social media data etc..

Identify and Classify Data: – Identifying the existing data completely and categorizing the data into Optimized way so that the business can understanding it

Define Implementation strategy: – Deciding on the technology, tools, Cloud, Security, Data Quality-solutions we are goanna make use of during the Implementation process

Implement Big Data’s Data Warehouse: – the data will be stored in a multiple tables based on the requirement and the data will be Normalized for better performance

Evaluate Outputs: – The Reports will be generated from the interface layer for speeding up the reports performance to the end user

Integrate with consumers: – Help the Business to understand the needs of their existing consumers and suggest them to target the consumers with their needs and also help them get a new consumers

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