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In today’s market hiring the right candidate with this ever changing technology is a toughest task, and also it will be a critical mission to choose the right candidate for the required project’s success and failure. At Dott Flick we understand the client’s requirements and also compare the requirements with the current market so that we can choose the best of best for the employer’s requirements. We screen the employs who are highly qualified and have complete understanding on the technologies.

Our comprehensive solutions in Staffing the Professional include:

It Staffing Solutions
IT/ITES - Staffing

At Dott Flick, We assist all the companies in tracing the right brilliance and deploy those professionals to a specific industry or business purpose for a definite project timeline on Dott Flick’s payroll.

Hire Trainee’s

Dott Flick, we corporate the program which provides qualified and ready to deploy resources for our business clients. All hired Trainees are trained in all the necessary skill set by our technology experts. Then the final qualified Trainees are then deployed to the business client

Outsourcing on Contract

As part of Outsourcing on Contract Process, we take Action on specific recruitment services for our business customers. We ensure that all the paper work and compliance processes are done very particularly from the candidate and make very easy for the business customers to take them on board

Fixed Cost Contract

Within the costs proposed by the Business Customers, we ensure that our deliverables are aligned to timelines we have got from the business customers. Keeping the headcount of the team in mind for any specific venture, we focus on creating the definite System to meet the client’s business requirements.

Contractual Employment

It has become a trend in all the IT companies to recruiting employees on Contract basis. In metro city like Bangalore Contractual Employees have become the best solution for the companies to hire the right talent for their project with the skill they looking for. The Main Advantage of the Temporary Employment is that employee can switch the companies when they get a better opportunity. The contractual staffing is a best method of recruiting and place the employees in multiple companies, the employee will be under the payroll of Dott Flick which includes the Salary and benefits as well.

The Main Reason for the companies to go for Contractual Employment is to overcome the Outsourced Work which was not directly related to their business, The Contractual Staffing will be done on the contracts between the Company and the Recruitment organization which manages communication between the Employee and the Company who is in need. The contract between the Companies will be as flexible as the requirement is specified for the Project.

IT Staffing and recruitment has become a specialized area which gives us an edge in our knowledge of the changing the dynamics of IT staffing. With our vast network and recruitment procedure we make sure that our clients not only get their temporary IT staffing but also get their recruitment needs fulfilled which can later be their long-term solutions.

At Dott Flick, We provide Contractual staffing solutions to our clients with short term requirements as well as long-term vacancies.

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