search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM), this is the simplest form which can be considered as Internet marketing that will enable the promotion of your brand and your company by increasing the visibility in the search engines result using specific advertisings and optimization techniques.

We at Dott Flick utilize some of the best ways for optimizing websites search engine marketing by using keyword research, analysis and website popularity etc. Search engine marketing (SEM) has attain a lot of popularity these days. Which can give lot of benefits to the Companies and also improve your visibility to the visitors seeking information to purchase some brands you offer.

SEM strategies @ Dott Flick

• Email Marketing

• Google AdWords PPC Campaigning

• Banner ads

• Display Networks

• Coupon Promotion

• Google Merchant

• Affiliate Marketing

• CTR Optimization

• Remarketing and Retargeting

• Online Reputation Management

Search Engine Marketing1

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