android app development

Android is one of the most preferred platforms all across the world and also one of the best platforms to brand business too. In this tech world none of the folk is untouched from smartphones and this power of smartphones only gives a chance for businesses for branding with the help of app development. If you are looking for the best professionals to develop your app then DottFlick is one of the most recognized and renowned brand for android app development in Bangalore.

We have most innovative and experienced team to assist you with the most prompt and tending android app. Our professionals are well equipped with the latest technologies used to develop an innovative android app.

mobile app development

Why choose android app development?
• Easy to customize
• Inter application integration, that allows you to integrate multiple applications in one app
• Excellent marketing options
• Highest numbers of users all across the world
• And many more…

What we serve you with?
• Scalable and interactive android apps
• User friendly interface
• Bug free app
• Excellent and most alluring designs
• Designed keeping targeted audience as major input
• Incorporates flexible layouts and easy to navigate options
• Excellent color combinations
• Graphics with a message
• And many more…

If you are looking for a professional assistance to develop your android app then get in touch with our experts now and get ready to thrive over your business industry.

METHODOLOGY we follow at Dott Flick

Meeting: We meet you and make sure we understand all your requirements carefully.

Scope and analysis: We analyze and examine your requirements and then we come up with few options that you can choose from.

Discussion and planning: To come up with an app that satisfies all your requirements, we do a lot of discussions and planning.

Look & feel, and features and functionality: We decide on the appeal of the app, along with the features and the functionality which make sure such a design works towards the achievement of your business goals.

Designing and development: We design and develop your app by using the best of tools and technologies that we have access to.

Testing and deployment: We test and deploy your app multiple times, so that there want be any bugs.

Launch: We launch your app on the platform you want us to.

Support: We provide complete support and clear any queries you may have.


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